Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why Is Steve Salit Smiling?

Meet Steve Salit, owner of Salit Auto Sales in Edison, NJ. I've bought many cars from Steve and his sons from his family-owned and operated used car dealership over the years. Recently, Steve's son Jerry, who runs their web site, asked me to take headshots of the sales team in anticipation of a redesign.

My suggestion: Rather than do a plain headshot in front of a plain background, let's do environmental portraits of each person sitting at the wheel of their favorite car on the lot. The Salits loved the idea.

So I got there on a blustery day that was on the way to becoming the coldest night in a long time. It had just stopped raining but was still dreary and cloudy. I started setting up my lights and camera when the sun came out, and although the wind was picking up and the temperature was dropping—fast—it was glorious light, and for a 45-minute window, shooting conditions were just right!

So, why was Steve smiling in the photo, above? Because all of a sudden, everything fell into place.  I was smiling, too.

Note: I specialize in location portraits that use the environment to help tell the story about the subject. If this is something you'd like done for your family or business, give me a call at 732-221-8748 or email me at

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