Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Special! (I Promise I'm Not Going To Sell You Anything)

"There are no blacks in photographic prints."—Garry Winogrand.

In honor of Black Friday, I've decided to go black. Below, the first images in a series of photographic studies of common household items that happen to be completely or mostly black.

Without further ado (or any attempts at dark humor), here's my series of Photographs of Black. Most of the photos below should be self-explanatory...although a couple may need deciphering. So: The thing that looks like a tire is actually my dog's chew toy, and the thing below the fuzzy glove is a steak knife handle.

(Be sure to scroll all the way past the last picture in this set to see why the headline for this blog post is a lie.)

OK, so I lied. I'm going to try to sell you something.

If you like these photos and think they might look good as wall decoration, now's your chance to buy them mounted and ready to hang—and without my logo. Visit my "Black" gallery, hosted by Fine Arts America, and you can order each image individually...or the entire set...or any combination...from the comfort of your own keyboard.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgivukah!

Happy Thanksgiving/Chanukah!

If you need food photography or any kind of product shots, shoot me an email and we can talk turkey!

You can order prints of this photo, ready for hanging, at Fine Arts America.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's a sushi reflection of a Menorah. Happy Sushanukah!

Last year, I photographed a Sushi Menorah for my friends at Sushiana. This year, I created a sushi "reflection" of a menorah. Happy Chanukah and enjoy your latke-stuffed Turkeys, folks!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Shot a Sushi Turkey for Thanksgiving

Here's another collaboration with Sushiana, my favorite local Kosher Sushi joint, in honor of Thanksgiving: Behold, the rarest of birds, a Sushi Turkey!

Monday, November 25, 2013

People of Highland Park #2: Michael Beberman at Cyber Knight Computers

In the early 90's Michael Beberman created computer reports for his employer. After working informally with the IT guy for a couple of weeks, he found that he had a knack for handling other facets of computers. He left his job, spent a few months making cold calls from his basement, then one day landed the 'big job' that launched him into his own business. And that's how Cyber Knight Computers got started.

His favorite part of his job? "Meeting new people - senators, businessmen and women, professional musicians, artists, housewives, and even a few members of the clergy."

@ Cyber Knight Computers, 433 Raritan Ave.

See the entire People of Highland Park series! 

Like modern-day roving vox populi reporters, Harry Glazer and Mason Resnick roam the small suburban town of Highland Park, NJ, looking for interesting people, their stories, and their photographs. Harry's in charge of the words, and Mason does the pix.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shabbat Shalom Sushi: Behind The Scenes

It turns out that getting Sushi to stand atop a candlestick isn't as easy as it sounds. It kept falling over; obviously, it needed support.

But I digress. After a morning of photographing the latest creations at Sushiana, a unique Kosher Sushi restaurant in Highland Park, NJ, I took home something called the Chanukah Roll, with the intention of doing something interesting, a bit silly, but certainly seasonal with it.

Walking into my house with the Chanukah Roll, something caught my attention: our brass candlesticks, used for lighting the candles before the Jewish Sabbath every Friday at sundown. The wheels started turning. Yes, I would do the Chanukah-related photo, but wouldn't it be cool to create an image that would get peoples' attention year round? Hmmm...

And so I set about the task of sticking the sushi, with its candle-shaped design, into the candlesticks. They refused to stay still. And so I tapped into my inner MacGuyver and found a solution, using toothpicks and rolled up gaffer tape (we photographers loooove gaffer tape!) to prop up the recalcitrant raw fish rolls.

I set up a black backdrop, two flashes, one front and one as a side/backlight, with orange gel, and got to work. I roped my daughter into "lighting" the candles. First, we tried it all in one shot but because the matches were short and burned fast, we didn't really have much time to do it right.

So, I decided to shoot my daughter's hand holding a lit candle and the sushi/candles separately, then, using a technique I learned from Gavin Hoey, would put them together in Photoshop. I used the unsuccessful all-in-one images to guide me as far as making sure the hand was the right size in relation to the candles.

A bit of fine-tuning in Photoshop, and the rest is history. Check out the end result here!

If you REALLY like this photo, You can also purchase a print at Fine Art America.

Shabbat Shalom Sushi!

I did a photo shoot today for my favorite Kosher Sushi restaurant, Sushiana in Highland Park, NJ. One of their hot-selling seasonal items is the Chanukah Roll—sushi that's deliberately designed to look like eight candles. After finishing the on-location shoot of the Chanukah Roll and several other new menu items created by their brilliant sushi chefs, I brought the rest of the Chanukah Rolls home to try out some other ideas, and decided to repurpose and create something people could relate to more year-round.

So, the first shot to come out of the session wasn't a seasonal photo (that's coming later). It's this one:

You can purchase a print of this photo at Fine Art America.

How did I do it? Look behind the scenes of the making of Shabbat Shalom Sushi!

Monday, November 18, 2013

People of Highland Park #1: Meghan McDowell at Pino's

Four years ago Meghan  McDowell was looking for a good job. Her friend Jonah Block, who visited Pino's periodically to purchase hard to find beers, noticed a sign in the window 'Basket maker wanted' and told her: "That's the kind of job you'd enjoy." She agreed, applied, was hired, and has found it be one of the best jobs she's ever had.

Her favorite part of the job? "Making colorful and fun baskets, for the holidays and festive occasions, and talking with all sorts of customers about craft beers."

@ Pino's, North 4th Ave, Highland Park

Written by Harry Glazer. Photo © Mason Resnick

See the entire People of Highland Park series!

What's this?

Welcome to the first installment of People of Highland Park, a collaboration between myself and fellow HP resident (and all-around great guy) Harry Glazer. Our goal? To meet some of our neighbors in businessses on Raritan Avenue, and briefly tell their stories. Watcha think? Leave a comment, below!

Friday, November 15, 2013

A Corporate Photo Shoot Challenge: Bringing It All Together..In More Ways Than One

Let's go behind the scenes of one of my first corporate photo shoots.

The challenge: My accounting firm, Edison-based Urbach & Avraham, hired me to rephotograph the staff, and to get a group shot, for use in brochures and on their web site.

The real challenge was the group shot. I have no problems making a team of accountants look great, but when none of them will all be there at the same time to be in the same shot...well, there's a bit of a challenge. Especially when one person absolutely had to leave by 10:30, and two absolutely couldn't be there before noon. And one of those two people, Jeff Urbach, is one of the two senior partners.

Fortunately, Photoshop is my friend.

Here's how I solved this: First, I did a series of group shot of the seven, including the individual who had to leave early. I left room for the latecomers. Everyone was on board with the plan, and even had some fun with it.

 Here are selections from the group shots and if it looks like someone's missing, that's deliberate.

The safe shot.

The goofy shot.

Who are they looking at?

I shot several variations and left room for two more. When done, I carefully marked the spot where I placed the tripod, then set up and shot the individual portraits.

After the individual portraits, Jeff and Aryeh arrived. I re-set the camera and lights on their marks, and shot the pair at the end of an empty conference table.

 The safe shot.

 The (not so) goofy shot.

Talking to himself?

Finally, I brought everything into Photoshop, and combined the images. Here are the results:

 The safe shot.

 The goofy shot. Yeah I chose a different shot of the "early six" for the final version.

All together now!

Of course, I had some interesting learning moments making sure the images blended well but hey, learning is what this is all about! Oddly, cleaning up the reflections in the conference table was one of the biggest challenges of the project! My client loved the end result, which now appears on their web site.

I had to be a bit creative to make this work, but the moral of the story is that there's always a way to solve a visual problem—especially if you have Photoshop!

If you need team photos of your company and/or individual headshots, drop me an email at

For the photo geeks: Photographed with Canon 7D, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, Flashpoint 1200 light kit.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What a beautiful night to shoot the moon...with a compact camera?

I just shot this in my backyard. The moon is out, almost full, and it's a clear autumn night. I'm putting the finishing touches on a comprehensive review of the Panasonic FZ70, the world's longest-range zoom compact digital camera. Amazingly, it zooms from 20-1200mm (35mm equivalent) with a single built-in lens, and decided to see if it had astrophotography chops. Here's the result, slightly cropped:

Not too shabby for a camera that costs a bit over $300! Photo © Mason Resnick

(For the photography geeks: Manual exposure, 1/100 sec at f/8, ISO 100, zoomed out to 1200mm equivalent, mounted on a tripod.)

Street Photo of the Day - Israel Edition - Nov. 13, 2013

Jewish Quarter, Old City, Jerusalem, 2013. © Mason Resnick

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I'm on Facebook! Hit me up!

Day 2 of Mason Resnick Photography: After starting a logo design contest at Logo Design Guru (and getting over 40 responses within 12 hours!) I opened up a Facebook page (see featured image, below) and got about 50 likes within two hours!

The logo will eventually go in the lower left. 

Choosing a logo is not going to be easy, but I like Logo Design Guru's approach, where anyone can enter a logo design hoping to win the job. I'm also sharing selected logos on Facebook and soliciting comments, which have so far been helpful.

Crowdsourcing is a wonderful thing and I thank my FB friends for collaborating with me!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Start Me Up!

No photos today...but I do have a big announcement.

After over 30 years of interviewing scores of top professional photographers for some of the most popular photo magazines and web sites in the world, I have decided to join their ranks. I am currently preparing to launch Mason Resnick Photography.

I plan to specialize in environmental portraits, family and bar/bat mitzvah photography, as well as corporate, product, real estate and other photographic assignments.

The next few weeks will be busy and exciting as I decide on a logo, launch a web site with online print orderings, establish a business presence on Facebook and other social media...and start drumming up business. Speaking of which:  I'll be announcing pre-launch specials for family and portrait photography in the coming days! Also, if you have an upcoming bar or bat mitzvah or need a photographer for your holiday parties, message me for pre-launch pricing and availability.

As I mentioned on Facebook last week, I will continue to write for Adorama, and I will continue this blog (and will share highlights from recent assignments), but I've been looking forward to doing this for a long time and am excited (and a bit nervous) to finally go public.

So...Start Me Up!