Monday, October 28, 2013

Leica M-E Product Review: Rolling Back the Price...and Time!

With more wannabes in the wings, is the lowest-cost Leica M-series rangefinder really a bargain?


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To understand the Leica M-E, let's roll back the calendar: 9/9/09 was an amazing day. That's when Leica announced the world's smallest full-frame digital camera and the world’s first full-frame Mirrorless System Compact, the Leica M9. It was a smashing success. With its 35mm sensor and full compatibility with Leica's rangefinder lens system­—and its $7,000 price tag—the M9 was truly in a class by itself. When I unboxed the recently introduced Leica M-E I felt like I was stepping back four years in time, because it's basically the same camera as the M9 with a couple of minor differences. But there's one significant difference. At the Adorama price of $5,450—$1,500 less than the M9—the Leica M-E is the most affordable digital M-class Leica ever.

A lot has changed since that late summer day four years ago. Fujifilm and Sony introduced high-end mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras (the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 and Sony NEX-7) that, despite their APS sensors, were clearly gunning to take a bite out of the Leica market. The situation got even more interesting in early October, when Sony announced the Sony A7 and Sony A7R, both full-frame mirrorless system cameras that are smaller and lighter than the Leica M, and promise better quality. Leica last year introduced three cameras on the same day: The Monochrom M, which I reviewed earlier this year and declared the images it produced the best black-and-white photos I've ever seen from a digital camera; the Leica M, a high-end, spare-no-expense 24MP full-frame camera, and the ME, designed to appeal to those who want Leica quality but who simply can't afford the pricier models...

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BLOG SPECIAL! Here are some additional street photos I shot with the M-E... 

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