Friday, August 17, 2012

Street Photo of the Day Aug. 17, 2012

Times Square, New York, 2011. Photo © Mason Resnick. Gear: Ricoh GXR with 28mm/APS Sensor module, Panasonic VF1 Optical Viewfinder. Exposure: ISO 800, 1/500 sec at f/5.6.

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  1. Quick question. I started using GXR + A12 M-mount + Voigtlander 25mm snapshot skopar (35mm equiv.) for street photo taking. I think the lag time is short enough for me to take single event. But without using burst mode, taking multi-shots were sluggish when I set RAW shooting mode, probably due to big file sizes. Even I use class 10, 95mb/s sd card, I lost couple of shots due to this issue. Do you have any better idea or setting you prefer to minimize this interval time between shots without using continuous burst mode? I am not a big fan of using continuous shot mode, since this mode is beyond my control just like taking photos from the hip without using view finder.

    And I used to use GRDIII (snap shot mode) before. Does the Ricoh A12 28mm lens module allow one to focus fast enough to take street shots as well?

  2. Hi nykino. I agree, it is most likely file size that is choking the buffer, preventing you from shooting in rapid sequence outside of burst mode. If you can stomach shooting in JPEG, you should have faster buffer clearing.

    When using the A12 28mm module I zone-focused and then shot in manual focus mode. I try to avoid AF because even the fastest AF system I've used isn't fast enough for street photography.

    1. Thank you for your tips. I tried by setting in JPEG only mode. It seems to me that definately got faster but there is still some buffering moment. :) And I don't see the much difference in buffering time when I set either largest JPEG or smallest JPEG mode. But I have to admit that I trust my M2 more than other digital cameras. Thank you!