Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Leica M9 price drops: $500 off for M9, $1,000 off M9-P

News flash!

The Leica M9 and its upgrade, the M9-P, are on sale at Adorama. Yes, I added them all to my shopping cart to see what the final price is. If you've been on the fence and almost able to scrape together enough money and chutzpah to buy the camera with my highest Street Photography Camera Cred rating, now may be the time to do it. After all, you could save $1,000 off the cost of an M9-P or $500 off the older M-9. Not too shabby, if you can afford it.

Read my Street Photo Stress Test of the Leica M9 at the Adorama Learning Center and yeah, that's me up there.

Here are the new prices. I don't know how long they will stay at this level.

Leica M9 body, black: $6,495.00 (down from $6,995.00)
Leica M9 body, steel gray:  $6,495.00 (down from $6,995.00) l

Leica M9-P, Silver $6,995.00 (down from $7,995.00)
Leica M9-P, Black $6,995.00 (down from $7,995.00

(If you do decide it's time to buy an M9, please help support this site by clicking on the above links. As an Adorama affiliate, I get a small but greatly appreciated commission for every sale generated by your clicking on these links.)

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