Friday, December 6, 2013

People of Highland Park #3: Rebecca Chapman Smith, Over The Moon Toys

Rebecca Chapman-Smith and her sister Jennie Chapman opened their first store in Highland Park on the urging of their mother. After hearing the two sisters discuss their shared dream of running a running a local store with unique, high quality gifts for years, and approaching retirement from her work as a social worker (and looking for a new project as well), Mom Chapman said: "I've listened to you two talk about this long enough. Start the business!" So they did, with help from mom, opening Through the Moongate in 2004.

They opened a second store, Over the Moon Toys, in 2006, and with wonderful community support both businesses have grown. When a large space became available across the street, both businesses moved in together in 2012. Rebecca, in the photo looking around the store, continues to be encouraged by the community spirit of the different businesses in the building and the strong support of the building's owner.

@ Through The Moongate/Over The Moon Toys, 440 Raritan Ave.

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About People of Highland Park: Like modern-day roving vox populi reporters, Harry Glazer and Mason Resnick roam the small suburban town of Highland Park, NJ, looking for interesting people, their stories, and their photographs. Harry's in charge of the words, and Mason does the pix.

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