Monday, April 7, 2014

Eliana Fink, and Her Little Nephew, Too

Today I did a portrait shoot for the lovely and talented Eliana Fink, who among her many traits is the nurse at the gym where I work out, the RWJ Heath and Wellness Center. She was a wonderful subject!

She brought her sister along as her stylist, as well as her baby nephew, Aharon. I couldn't resist and asked if I could get a quick shot of him. That, in fact, was all I could get. After two flashes, he lost his composure and that was the end of the shoot. Nevertheless, I got this:

I'm glad I asked!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Red Carpet Photos! Official Portraits from the Ahavas Achim 125th Anniversary Dinner

Here's a sampling of photos from the Ahavas Achim dinner that I shot on Sunday, printed and gave out at the end of the some shots from the dinner itself.

Were you there? If so go here if you wish to view the entire evening and to order additional prints!