Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New Sushiana Food Photos!

You've seen behind the scenes photos...and maybe you've read the article I wrote about the photo it's time to get to the food! Here's a small sampling of the food photos I took last week on assignment at Sushiana, a Kosher Sushi restaurant that recently moved and has just expanded their menu to include desserts and a full lineup of "mock meat" pan-Asian main dishes.

Can you tell which of these images were shot with the flashes I brought, and which were shot using window light?

What are these things? You'll just have to go to Sushiana and try them!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Behind the Scenes: Getting Ready to Photograph Sushiana's New Menu

Yesterday I spent several hours photographing the new "mock-meat" Asian menu that was recently introduced at Sushiana, a Kosher sushi restaurant in Highland Park, NJ. Sushiana recently moved from its original cramped quarters into a new, spacious location, and has been rolling out an expanded menu including Chinese and Thai dishes.

I had photographed the original menu, and many of these photos can be seen now on Sushiana's web site. But with so many new dishes added, it was time to take more photos.

I'm working on the images, and hope to post them here in a few days. But I also brought my "street" camera, the Fujifilm X-Pro 1, and as food was being prepared I roamed around the kitchen and store to get a flavor for what goes on behind the scenes. Here are some of the results.

(Note: All photos © Mason Resnick and my not be reproduced without permission. See note at the end of this post.)

Owner Michael Kornblum puts together a list of dishes for me to photograph while sushi chefs Larry and Albert work in the background.

Lights, wall! I chose the Living Wall, a visual focal point of the restaurant, to be my background. As you'll see when I post the photos, the big windows on the right became a factor in how I ended up lighting many of the dishes.

Busy kitchen: Chef and staff prepare meals for photos as well as for the day's guests as they start arriving during the shoot.

Dessert! Sushiana's new dessert chef prepares something that looks like it will be delicious...and chocolatey. Sushiana's dessert menu has expanded.

The "already shot" table.

Stay tuned to see the results both here and on!

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR LOCAL PUBLICATIONS! I am flattered that so many of you like my photos so much have published them in your publications. I'm not so thrilled, however, that my photos often appear without my permission and without attribution. That's called STEALING. Please email me at if you wish to publish my photos in the future.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Photojournalism: House Fire in Highland Park

The streets of Highland Park were filled with acrid smoke tonight as a smoky house fire burned at 115 South 1st Avenue in a two-alarm fire. According to a friend of a family living in the house, there were no injuries. At least two fire companies were called, as well as the Highland Park First Aid squad. These are images from the scene, which took place at approximately 6:30 pm.

Note: All photos are © 2014 by Mason Resnick and may not be used without my permission. Please email me if you are interested in high-res files or wish to use screen-resolution versions.

Veteran's Day Parade, Highland Park, 2014

I was asked to photograph the Veteran's Day Parade for the Borough of Highland Park yesterday. Here are some highlights.