Monday, January 20, 2014

Salit Auto Sales Environmental Portraits: Mikey Kornfeld (Plus some BTS stuff for Harry)

Here's second image in my series of environmental portraits of the sales team at the family-owned used car dealership, Salit Auto Sales, located in Edison, NJ. Above, Mikey Kornfeld.

For those of you stopping me in Quik Check asking me how I lit this (I'm talking to you, Harry Chefitz!): In this case I set up two Canon Speedlites on stands aimed almost perpendicular to the camera, so my key light is coming in through the side window, placed next to the rear view mirror. And of course, I played with the relative flash/ambient exposure until I got a good balance. The fill is shining through the rear passenger side window.  OK, Harry? :-)

Photo © 2014 by Mason Resnick

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