Monday, January 6, 2014

Joe McNally On a $1.32 Royalty Check and The Perils of Being a Photographer for a Living

I got to know Joe McNally when I was the Editor of the Adorama Learning Center. First, I wrote about his Faces of 9/11 project, and how my boss at Adorama paid for the storage for the one-of-a-kind, lifesized Polaroid prints, thereby preserving an important part of modern U.S. history. I got to know Joe better when he joined the team of AdoramaTV presenters. He's a classy guy with an amazing attitude, and a photographer who is at the top of his game. And, since he's made a successful name for himself in this field that I'm just rejoining, I pay attention to what he says.

Imagine my surprise this morning as he blogged about running a photography business and used as his talking point a check he'd just received from Getty Images for the princely sum of $1.32. It's humbling.

Or, as Joe says of this wonderful but risky career choice, "this is a journey without a destination."

Here's his blog post, "Off to a rip-roaring start."

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