Tuesday, December 24, 2013

People of Highland Park #5: Vijay Maktal, Saiff Drugs

What was a particularly great day for you at Saiff Drugs?

It was a day in 1995, when I was a freshman at the Rutgers College of Pharmacy. On the recommendation of a friend I went to interview with Ivan Saiff for a job as a pharmacy technician at Saiff Drugs. This friend had worked for Ivan when he (the friend) was in law school.

I had no idea what to expect on the interview. And I had no previous work experience, certainly none in the pharmacy business.

I dressed formally for the meeting, walked in to Saiff Drugs, and shook hands with Ivan. He looked at me and said: "When can you start?"

A great reference can go a long way!

I've been at Saiff Drugs for 18 years now and I've become the pharmacist in charge and part owner. It's a wonderful place to work.

@ Saiff Drugs: Highland Park Pharmacy, 325 Raritan Ave., Highland Park, New Jersey

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